Multiple File Transloader


This is a multiple transloader, that logs your recent visits, it will transload up to 12 urls to your account.

The only Recents that are logged are ones that you don`t back out of so the most efficient way to use this transloader is to click onto whatever you want to transload and then use your Recents panel to move out of that viewing.

Once you`ve viewed everything you want to transload then Click how many urls you want to transload and click Go.
You may also just type in a number and then click Go.

On the next page is the Recents menu, click onto the url you want to transload and it will be generated into a text area directly below the Recents menu.
CC&P that url into one of the URL boxes and then repeat the above with the rest of the urls you want to transload.

In the Directory box type the name of the directory you want to transload to.You may need to add a / to the end of the directory name.

In the Username box type the username your webhost account is in.

In the Password box type in the password you use to get into your webhost account.

In the Target FTP box type in your accounts url,leave off the http://www.

As an example my account url is

I would type into the Target FTP box.
You may also have to add ftp. before your url.
So it would look like this.

Click Transload Files and on the next page you`re given the option of renaming your graphics/pages.

Click Transload Files again to transload all your files.

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